Our Bureau
09:12 AM, February 8, 2015

The UAE has ordered the stationing of a UAE Air Force F-16 squadron in Jordan, marking it return to the coalition airstrikes against ISIS positions in Syria and Iraq.

The UAE had suspended airstrikes following the brutal murder of a Jordanian F-16 pilot by the ISIS last week.

“The initiative expresses the stance of the people, government and leadership of the UAE with fraternal Jordan at all levels and in all arenas, and reaffirms the UAE's unwavering and constant solidarity with Jordan and its leading role and immense sacrifices for the security and stability of the region as embodied by Martyr and hero Moaz al-Kasasbeh.”, WAM news agency reported

The orders are also in support of the military efforts of the Jordanian Armed Forces, the Jordan Arab Army, and their effective participation in the Global Coalition to Counter ISIL (Daesh), the brutal terrorist organisation that showed all the world its ugliness and violation of all religious and human values through abominable crimes that exposed its false allegations and drew outrage and disgust from the Arab peoples, WAM said

The UAE's air force has flown several combat missions over ISIS held territory.