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03:46 PM, May 12, 2015
Mistral Helicopter Carrier

France has denied Chinese media reports of possible sale of Mistral destroyers (meant for Russia) to China, Local media reported.

“The French Navy is on a visit to Shanghai between May 9-15 and it may try to sell its Mistral-class assault ships to China,” WantChinaTimes website quoted Duowei News as reporting.

The French task force visiting China consists of two warships that include a Mistral class Dixmude assault ship and an Aconit, a La Fayette class frigate.

“However, if Paris wants to actually find a buyer, China is not the only option. Portugal, the Netherlands, Australia or even Argentina can be potential clients. But other countries including India, Egypt and Canada are too regularly discussed,” French admiral Alain Coldefy said in an interview with Russian news Agency Sputnik.

The French defense ministry when questioned by Les Echoes reminded the news daily about an embargo on arms sales to China.

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