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01:28 PM, January 6, 2017
iSi EROS B very high resolution satellite imagery, taken on 28 december, shows the first visual evidence of the Russian short-range ballistic missiles presence in Syria.

Photos released by Israeli spy satellite iSi EROS B has revealed a number of Russian advanced missile systems stockpiled in Latakia airbase, located in western Syria.

As per this high resolution satellite imagery, taken on 28 December, 2016, two ‘Iskander’ vehicles are clearly visible at a logistic site beside the north eastern part of the runway. Those two elements are most probably SS-26 Trans Loading vehicles (Transloaders), the spy satellite company says.

Further analysis uncovered two additional elements covered by camouflage nets deployed at the compound, which are most probably a part of the Iskandar system.

The pictures seemingly prove that Russia has provided Syria with a wide array of the most advanced missiles in its possession.

The iSi experts say that the due to heavy rains and floods, Russia must have been forced to change the missiles’ location, which left them exposed to documentation.

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