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09:33 AM, January 11, 2017
Pakistan launches submarine based cruise missile in Indian Ocean

Pakistan has claimed successful second strike capability with the launch of a submarine-based cruise missile that can carry nuclear missiles upto a 450 km range on Monday.

Second strike capability means that Pakistan can respond to a nuclear strike on its soil from a mobile platform located at sea and hit at targets in the enemy’s territory.

“On Monday, Pakistan test-fired its first ever nuclear-capable submarine-launched cruise missile Babur-III,” Director General Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) Maj Gen Asif Ghafoor said.

The range of the missile is 450 kilometres, the DG ISPR said.

"The successful attainment of a second strike capability by Pakistan represents a major scientific milestone; it is manifestation of the strategy of measured response to nuclear strategies and postures being adopted in Pakistan’s neighborhood," the military said after the test.

The missile was launched from an undisclosed location in the Indian Ocean, Radio Pakistan reported. It was fired from an underwater, mobile platform and hit its target with precise accuracy.

Babur-III is a sea-based variant of ground-launched cruise missile Babur-II, which was tested earlier in December last.

The newly-launched missile has been built with technology, including underwater-controlled propulsion and advanced guidance and navigation features, augmented by global navigation and terrain and scene matching systems.

Babur-III also features terrain-hugging and sea-skimming flight capabilities to evade hostile radars and air defences, in addition to other stealth technologies.

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