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03:24 PM, January 30, 2017
UK MP defense procurement, Harriett Baldwin

The UK MoD has unveiled plans for 178 billion pounds worth defence equipment procurement in the decade ending 2025-26.

“We are planning to spend £178bn on equipment and support over the decade out to 2025-26, which will provide our Armed Forces with the equipment they need to deliver the levels of military capability set out in the Strategic Defence and Security Review,” Harriett Baldwin MP Minister for Defence Procurement said in the report posted on the UK government website.

The Government is committed to the Defence budget increasing by 0.5% above inflation for the remainder of this Parliament. This enables us to plan for the future with confidence.

Not least, I want to pay testament to the substantial work over the past few years, summarised in four previous iterations of this report. This built robust foundations for the 2015 Strategic Defence and Security Review which now sets the vision and future structure for our Armed Forces, taking us from Future Force 2020 and on to Joint Force 2025, Baldwin wrote.

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