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11:57 AM, April 4, 2017
Korea shows off artillery firepower in drills ( Image for representation only)

South Korea's Army and Navy have fired more than 360 rockets from vehicle-based mobile launchers in a live Artillery drill exercise staged Tuesday.

Most of those hit the target about 40 kilometers away in the East Sea near Goseong, Gangwon Province. "It's rare for the military to publicize a test-firing of the Chunmoo deployed in 2015," Korea Herald reported today.

The artillery drills, held just south of the eastern border with the North, involved the military's new Chunmoo multiple rocket launchers. Among other weapons mobilized were the K9 Thunder 155mm self-propelled howitzer and the KH179 155mm howitzer, as well as the Army's ARTHUR-K counter-battery radar system and unmanned aerial vehicles.

The Navy also deployed patrol ships, guided-missile speed frigates and high-speed boats.

The country staged a large-scale joint live-fire exercise Tuesday, responding to North Korea's war threats and signs of preparations for additional nuclear or missile tests.

Inspecting the drill, Defense Minister Han Min-koo paid a visit to the Army's First Command in Wonju, Gangwon Province. The minister raised the possibility of the North taking a new type of provocative act as it has come under growing international pressure and the future of its leadership system remains uncertain.

The Army said, meanwhile, "The drill this time was held under the scenario of a North Korean military provocation on the East Sea. It focused on reaffirming the "best-level combat readiness" to strike back at the source of an attack and its supporting force "swiftly, accurately and sufficiently," the Army added.

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