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09:13 AM, April 28, 2017
Pentagon Awards Military Sealift Command Contract To Canadian Firm

The Pentagon has awarded Canadian firm Canadian Commercial Corp. with a $49 million contract to provide Military Sealift Command Situational Awareness System program Electro-Optics Sensor system (MSC-EOS).

The MSC-EOS System’s primary mission is to provide enhanced visual imagery to augment existing electronic sensors.

“The MSC-EOS Systems will be operated on Military Sealift Command and other Navy or Coast Guard maritime platforms,” the US Department of Defense announced Thursday.

Ancillary uses of the MSC-EOS system will include enhancing the following: low-visibility and night navigation; coastal observation and surveillance; identification friend or foe; real-time situational awareness and threat warning; reconnaissance and surveillance; and documenting navigational hazards, the statement says.

Work will be performed in Burlington, Ontario, Canada. The work is expected to be complete by April 2022.

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