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11:42 AM, June 9, 2017
Trump's anti-Qatar tweets muddle view of US stance on GCC crisis (Image: Al Jazeera)

Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Bahrain have released a list of terror financiers comprising of 59 individuals and 12 groups in a joint statement.

The anti-Qatar coalition has accused Doha of supporting or harbouring terror organizations.

“The majority of those entities sanctioned are linked to Qatar and are a manifestation of a Qatari government policy of duplicity — one that calls for combating terrorism, whilst simultaneously overseeing the financing, supporting and harboring a vast array of terrorist groups and terrorist financing networks,” the joint statement was quoted by Al Arabiya report Friday.

“The four states renew their commitment to enhance all efforts to counter terrorism and to lay the foundations for security and stability in the region. Each reaffirms their respective commitment to pursue individuals and groups perpetuating acts of terror, regionally and globally,” the statement said.

“Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the UAE, and Bahrain will continue to work with partners around the world towards finding solutions to counter terrorist organizations and extremist groups,” the statement added.

The statement said, the four countries released the names in “light of their commitment to fight terrorism, drying up their sources of funding, combating extremist ideology and its dissemination and promotion, and working together to exterminate it and protect all communities.”

List of designated individuals:

1. Khalifa Mohammed Turki al-Subaie – Qatari 2. Abdelmalek Mohammed Yousef Abdel Salam – Jordanian 3. Ashraf Mohammed Yusuf Othman Abdel Salam – Jordanian 4. Ibrahim Eissa Al-Hajji Mohammed Al-Baker – Qatari 5. Abdulaziz Bin Khalifa al-Attiyah – Qatari 6.

Salem Hassan Khalifa Rashid al-Kawari – Qatari 7. Abdullah Ghanem Muslim al-Khawar – Qatari 8. Saad Bin Saad Mohammed al-Kaabi – Qatari 9. Abdullatif bin Abdullah al-Kawari – Qatari 10. Mohammed Saeed Bin Helwan al-Sakhtari – Qatari 11. Abdul Rahman bin Omair al-Nuaimi – Qatari 12. Abdul Wahab Mohammed Abdul Rahman al-Hmeikani – Yemeni 13. Khalifa bin Mohammed al-Rabban – Qatari 14. Abdullah Bin Khalid al-Thani – Qatari 15. Abdul Rahim Ahmad al-Haram – Qatari 16. Hajjaj bin Fahad Hajjaj Mohammed al-Ajmi – Kuwaiti 17. Mubarak Mohammed al-Ajji – Qatari 18. Jaber bin Nasser al-Marri – Qatari 19. Youssef Abdullah al-Qaradawi – Egyptian 20. Mohammed Jassim al-Sulaiti – Qatari 21. Ali bin Abdullah al-Suwaidi – Qatari 22. Hashem Saleh Abdullah al-Awadhi – Qatari 23. Ali Mohammed Mohammed al-Salabi – Libyan 24. Abdelhakim Belhadj – Libyan 25. Mahdi Harati – Libyan 26. Ismail Muhammad Mohammed al-Salabi – Libyan 27. Al-Sadiq Abdulrahman Ali al-Ghuryani – Libyan 28. Hamad Abdullah Al-Futtais al-Marri – Qatar 29. Mohamed Ahmed Shawky Islambouli – Egyptian 30. Tariq Abdelmawgoud Ibrahim al-Zomor – Egyptian 31. Mohamed Abdelmaksoud Mohamed Afifi – Egyptian 32. Mohamed el-Saghir Abdel Rahim Mohamed – Egyptian 33. Wajdi Abdelhamid Mohamed Ghoneim – Egyptian 34. Hassan Ahmed Hassan Mohammed Al Dokki Al Houti – UAE 35. Hakem Obeisan al-Humaidi al-Mutairi – Saudi / Kuwaiti 36. Abdullah Mohammed Sulaiman al-Moheiseni – Saudi 37. Hamed Abdullah Ahmed al-Ali – Kuwaiti 38. Ayman Ahmed Abdel Ghani Hassanein – Egyptian 39. Assem Abdel-Maged Mohamed Madi – Egyptian 40. Yahya Aqil Salman Aqeel – Egyptian 41. Mohamed Hamada el-Sayed Ibrahim – Egyptian 42. Abdel Rahman Mohamed Shokry Abdel Rahman – Egyptian 43. Hussein Mohamed Reza Ibrahim Youssef – Egyptian 44. Ahmed Abdelhafiz Mahmoud Abdelhady – Egyptian 45. Muslim Fouad Tafran – Egyptian 46.

Ayman Mahmoud Sadeq Rifat – Egyptian 47. Mohamed Saad Abdel-Naim Ahmed – Egyptian 48. Mohamed Saad Abdel Muttalib Abdo Al-Razki – Egyptian 49. Ahmed Fouad Ahmed Gad Beltagy – Egyptian 50. Ahmed Ragab Ragab Soliman – Egyptian 51. Karim Mohamed Mohamed Abdel Aziz – Egyptian 52. Ali Zaki Mohammed Ali – Egyptian 53. Naji Ibrahim Ezzouli – Egyptian 54. Shehata Fathi Hafez Mohammed Suleiman – Egyptian 55. Muhammad Muharram Fahmi Abu Zeid – Egyptian 56. Amr Abdel Nasser Abdelhak Abdel-Barry – Egyptian 57. Ali Hassan Ibrahim Abdel-Zaher – Egyptian 58. Murtada Majeed al-Sindi – Bahraini 59. Ahmed Al-Hassan al-Daski – Bahraini

List of entities: 1. Qatar Volunteer Center – Qatar 2. Doha Apple Company (Internet and Technology Support Company) – Qatar 3. Qatar Charity – Qatar 4. Sheikh Eid al-Thani Charity Foundation (Eid Charity) – Qatar 5. Sheikh Thani Bin Abdullah Foundation for Humanitarian Services – Qatar 6. Saraya Defend Benghazi – Libya 7. Saraya al-Ashtar – Bahrain 8. February 14 Coalition – Bahrain 9. The Resistance Brigades – Bahrain 10. Hezbollah Bahrain – Bahrain 11. Saraya al-Mukhtar – Bahrain 12.

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