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12:22 PM, June 9, 2017
Locally developed Nag anti-tank missile tested from helicopter platform

India’s locally made anti-tank missile, Prospina, equipped with improved Imaging Infra Red Seekers, will be tested for a reduced range of 3-3.2 km during the day time from the earlier target of 4km for both day and night.

The missile is set for trials at the Chandan Field Firing Range in Jaisalmere, Times of India reported Friday.

The missile, previously known as 'Nag,' has been developed at a cost of ₹3 billion (US$46.6 million).

Detectors on the missile tip for sensing heat or infra red signals in three different thermal scenarios including that of a thermal differential within the target, between the target and the background and surrounding temperature variation.

Prospina shall be mounted and transported on a Mechanised Infantry Combat Vehicle. The plans are underway to confer this all weather missile with competence of detecting and hitting the targets with a very Low Thermal Contrast vis a vis surroundings to the tune of a mere 0.2 degree Celsius.

Last year, the Fire and Forget Anti-Tank Guided Missile had completed night trials at a range of four km during when it was found that the infra-red seekers had issue in distingushing the target from the surroundings in hot desert conditions during the day time.

The missile is now being tested for a reduced range of 3-3.2km during the day time from the earlier target of 4km, an official said.

The shall be conducted in the second week of June for testing the performance of Prospina with improved Imaging Infra Red Seekers (which guide the missile to its target after launch) for extreme hot weather in June.

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