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01:22 PM, July 5, 2017
AW-159 Wildcat helicopter

South Korea's Navy has deployed four additional AW-159 shipborne anti-submarine helicopters to a front-line fleet for combat operations.

The Navy acquired eight AW-159 choppers, also known as Wildcats, last year in two batches in June and December, respectively.

The first four were deployed in February. "The remaining four were deployed at a front-line fleet and put into maritime operations today," the Navy was quoted as saying by Yonhap News Agency Wednesday.

The navy did not reveal the location, but a defense official said the new assets will operate near the tense western sea border between the North and South Korea.

The twin-engine rotorcraft is armed with lightweight torpedoes, 12.7-mm machine guns and advanced anti-ship guided missiles.

The rotorcraft is also equipped with the dipping sonar system and AESA radar with the range of around 360 kilometers. It features a maximum endurance of 2 hours and 40 minutes.

"As the eight new AW-159 maritime operation helicopters with superb anti-submarine, anti-ship detection and attack capabilities have become fully operational, our military's defense posture has been strengthened further," said Cdr. Kwak Han-jung, commander of the Navy's 622th aviation unit.

The South's Navy plans to acquire a dozen more new anti-submarine warfare helicopters in a 900 billion-won (US$782 million) program in response to the North's growing submarine threats.

Leonardo Helicopters, the manufacturer of the AW-159, hopes for a repeat order. Other candidate models include Sikorsky's MH-60R and NHIndustries' NH-90.

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