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03:43 PM, July 14, 2017
Bangladesh Navy To Build 6 Guided Missile Frigates Indigenously

In line with Armed Forces Goal 2030 modernization program, the Bangladesh Navy has vowed to build its warships indigenously from its shipyards across the country, instead of completely relying on foreign ship builders.

Chittagong Dry Dock Limited, one of the three shipyards operated by the Bangladesh Navy, has taken up a project to build 6 guided missile frigates, which if as planned will be indigenously built, Bangladesh Military Forces website bdmilitary.com reported Friday.

Chittagong port is also expected to manufacture smaller patrol vessels for the country’s coast guard in technical cooperation with an Italian shipbuilding giant.

The other two Navy shipyards – Khulna shipyard and Dockyard & Engineering works will also be assigned unnamed projects.

The Bangladeshi Navy has a number of vessels and aircraft on order which ranges from old U.S. Coast Guard cutters and indigenously built patrol vessels, to Chinese built/refurbished corvettes and a budding new aviation wing comprising a handful of helicopters and fixed wing aircraft. The Navy also has two Chinese Ming-class submarines on order, due to be delivered by 2019 which will give the force some serious offensive firepower.

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