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12:58 PM, December 5, 2017
South Korean military drone

South Korean Army will set up a combat unit of drones next year to counter North Korea’s threats.

The drone units will be called ‘dronebot’, a combination of the words, ‘drone’ and ‘robot’, Yonhap quoted an unnamed official as saying Tuesday.

"The Army plans to set up a special organization to lead the development of dronebots, establish a standard platform and expand the dronebot program by function," the Army official said, requesting anonymity. "To begin with, we will launch a dronebot combat unit next year and use it as a 'game changer' in warfare."

The team will operate reconnaissance dronebots against such core North Korean targets as nuclear and missile sites. In case of a contingency, swarms of dronebots will be mobilized to launch attacks. The Army is also considering imitating a similar military unit of Israel's, added the official.

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