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10:39 AM, January 5, 2018
Two Soldiers Killed in Syria, Reports On Seven Warplanes Destruction Untrue: Russian MOD (Sputnik photo)

The Russian Ministry of Defense confirmed that two “military personnel” died in a mortar attack on its Khmeimim airbase in Syria’s Latakia Province on December 31, but denies reports on the alleged destruction of seven Russian warplanes.

The statement comes amid reports from Russian newspaper Kommersant that the attack destroyed four Su-24 bombers, two Su-35S fighters, and an An-72 transport plane and an ammunition depot. According to the paper, more than ten military servicemen could be injured.

"A report in the Kommersant newspaper on the alleged destruction of seven Russian warplanes at the Hmeymim airbase is fake. Russia’s air group in Syria is combat ready and continues to accomplish all its missions in full," the ministry said.

More than 40 Russian military personnel have died in Syria since Moscow launched a campaign of air strikes in September 2015, in many cases using Hmeimim as a base.

On January 3, Russia’s Defense Ministry said that one of its military helicopters crashed in Syria, killing both pilots aboard. The ministry said the Mil Mi-24 military helicopter crashed due to a “technical malfunction” on December 31 while it was flying to the Hama Military Air Base in Hama.

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