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10:03 AM, February 12, 2018
Latvia To Purchase Israeli Anti-tank Missiles 'Spike' For €108 Million

Latvia’s Defense Ministry will sign a €108 million contract to buy "Spike" anti-tank missiles from Israeli manufacturer Rafael on February 12, local media reports Monday.

According to eng.lsm.lv – Latvian Public Broadcasting English-language service, Israeli company Rafael is the manufacturer of the system, but the purchase is being made via its joint venture company EuroSpike.

Defense Minister Raimonds Bergmanis was quoted as saying ahead of signing: "I think this is a very significant day, as anti-tank capability was one of the elements that was very necessary."

"The development of anti-tank capability is one of the priorities for defense industry purchases and the anti-tank missile system "Spike" has been recognized as the most appropriate one meeting operational requirements of the National Armed Forces. The newly acquired Spike missile system, which will complement the existing stockpile of this armament, will significantly strengthen the combat capabilities of the National Armed Forces and the National Guard," said a statement by the Ministry.

The Spike systems will be paired with the CVR(T) fighting vehicles acquired from the United Kingdom to provide a highly mobile and flexible anti-tank capability. It is planned that Latvia's equipment will be delivered gradually between now and 2023.

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