Our Bureau
01:32 PM, September 6, 2013

Antonov Company and Corporation of Cuban Aviation C.A., signed an agreement about cooperation on modernization of the AN-2 airplanes.

The agreement is to create production base for re-equipment of the existing in Republic of Cuba fleet of the AN-2s (140 such airplanes were delivered to the country) into the AN-2-100 new modification, equipped with MS-14 engines, designed at Motor Sich SС.

Simultaneously, within the limits of a separate agreement, Antonov Company will deliver to Cuba necessary aggregates and components on a basis of the contracts with enterprises and manufacturers.

Motor Sich JS will supply with engines and their components, and Aerosila public corporation (Russia) will supply with AV-17 propellers. If necessary, Antonov will organize training of the crews and technicians, author support of operation of the AN-2s in Republic of Cuba.