Brazilian Gripen Purchase To Be Concluded In February: Gripen Blog
Source : Our Bureau ~ Dated : Thursday, January 23, 2014 @ 07:53 AM
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Photo Courtesy: The official blog for Gripen.

Brazil's Defense Minister Celso Amorim met Sweden's Secretary of State for Defence Carl von der Esch last week to discuss about the progress on the Gripen deal, according to the official blog for Gripen.

The Swedish delegation also met with the Secretary General of Ministry of Defence, Ari Matos Cardoso, who said that he is creating a Working Group (WG) which will monitor the entire process of purchase of the aircraft and the process should be completed and formalized by the end of February.

According to the Swedes, the important thing at this point is for the representatives of both the countries to communicate and stay abreast of the proceedings, the report added.

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