MARKET RESEARCH offers defense market research, market analysis, market intelligence, consulting, procurement information and forecast.

Why do you need us?

As a decision-maker, you will need to sift through the Internet, media clips, specialized reports and tips from personal contacts to put together a report which reflects market conditions.
Else, you could simply let Market Research do the job for you.

Projects Undertaken?

Every year, we undertake over 12-20 projects on behalf of our clients. These projects include studies on defense markets, products, budgets, procurement policies and many more. Companies have used our services before bidding for RFPs, to analyse competitors’ performance and market feasibility.

Research methodology

We have developed a software for data gathering and analysis specific to the defense industry. We supplement our software-driven research with interviews of defense professionals. Their answers are merged with our software derived data. The results reveal hidden trends with which you could make forward looking projections.

Industry and defense forces contacts

Over the past 10 years, we have built an enviable list of contacts in the industry, government and defense staff. These contacts help us to understand market dynamics.

When do you need us?

Whenever you need an impartial, thoroughly researched market study, Market Research is there to provide you with reliable data and insightful analysis which you can confidently present to a knowledgeable audience.

Output Format

The results of our customized market research are compiled as soft-bound printed reports and Excel sheets. Studies which involve creation of databases are compiled as an online application. You can search, analyse and generate customized reports to suit your desired output format.

Our credentials's Market Research has benchmarked itself against the best in the industry. We have helped over 50 global defence companies and government organizations in several countries with their research requirements.

Service Team

We have a 15 member team with qualification in statistics, quantitative analysis, software programming and management consultancy. Our typical workflow involves appointing an editor who is an expert in the relevant field of defense. He/She will lead the team throughout the data gathering, evaluation, analysis and report preparation process.

Our pricing

Our rates are extremely reasonable while our quality matches, if not exceeds, that offered by our competitors.

For market research requirement please contact:

49 Cubbon Road Cross,
Bangalore 560001.
Tel/Fax: 91-80-41317060
Mobile: +91-8971796924


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