FY2022 Earnings Estimate for Innate Pharma S.A. (NASDAQ:IPHA) Issued By SVB Leerink

Innate Pharma S.A. (NASDAQ:IPHAGet Rating) – Equities research analysts at SVB Leerink increased their FY2022 EPS estimates for shares of Innate Pharma in a report released on Tuesday, August 2nd. SVB Leerink analyst D. Graybosch now forecasts that the company will post earnings of $0.20 per share for the year, up from their previous estimate of $0.01. SVB Leerink currently has a “Outperform” rating and a $10.00 target price on the stock. The consensus estimate for Innate Pharma’s current full-year earnings is ($0.38) per share. SVB Leerink also issued estimates for Innate Pharma’s FY2023 earnings at ($0.21) EPS, FY2024 earnings at $0.04 EPS, FY2025 earnings at ($0.19) EPS and FY2026 earnings at $0.68 EPS.

Separately, Kepler Capital Markets downgraded shares of Innate Pharma from a “buy” rating to a “hold” rating and set a €3.10 ($3.20) price objective for the company. in a research note on Wednesday. One analyst has rated the stock with a hold rating and four have issued a buy rating to the company. According to data from MarketBeat.com, the stock presently has a consensus rating of “Moderate Buy” and an average price target of $9.72.

Innate Pharma Stock Performance

Innate Pharma stock opened at $2.76 on Friday. The company has a quick ratio of 1.73, a current ratio of 1.73 and a debt-to-equity ratio of 0.13. The stock’s fifty day simple moving average is $2.80 and its 200-day simple moving average is $3.11. Innate Pharma has a twelve month low of $2.00 and a twelve month high of $11.95.

Institutional Inflows and Outflows

A number of institutional investors and hedge funds have recently added to or reduced their stakes in IPHA. Jane Street Group LLC raised its stake in Innate Pharma by 156.3% during the 1st quarter. Jane Street Group LLC now owns 37,736 shares of the company’s stock valued at $127,000 after purchasing an additional 23,012 shares during the last quarter. Alps Advisors Inc. acquired a new stake in Innate Pharma during the 4th quarter worth approximately $429,000. Finally, BlackRock Inc. raised its holdings in shares of Innate Pharma by 27.4% in the first quarter. BlackRock Inc. now owns 504,408 shares of the company’s stock valued at $1,695,000 after purchasing an additional 108,335 shares during the last quarter. 1.74% of the stock is owned by hedge funds and other institutional investors.

About Innate Pharma

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Innate Pharma SA, a biotechnology company, discovers, develops, and commercializes therapeutic antibodies for the treatment of oncology indications in France and internationally. The company's products include Lacutamab (IPH4102), an anti-KIR3DL2 antibody, which is in Phase II clinical trials for the treatment of cutaneous T-cell and peripheral T-cell lymphoma, as well as in Phase II clinical trials to treat refractory s├ęzary syndrome; Monalizumab, an immune checkpoint inhibitor that is in Phase III clinical trial to treat advanced solid tumors comprising colorectal and lung cancer, as well as head and neck cancer; Avdoralimab (IPH5401), a monoclonal antibody blocking C5a binding to C5aR1 that is in Phase II clinicals trials for the treatment of COVID-19, bullous pemphigoid, chronic spontaneous urticaria, and other inflammatory diseases; IPH5201, a blocking antibody that is in Phase 1 clinical trials targeting the CD39 immunosuppressive pathway; IPH5301, an anti-CD73 antibody targeting the immunosuppressive adenosine pathway to promote antitumor immunity; and IPH6101, a NKp46-based NK cell engager for the generation and evaluation of up to two bispecific NK cell engagers.

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