Amneal Pharmaceuticals (NYSE:AMRX) Price Target Cut to $4.00

Amneal Pharmaceuticals (NYSE:AMRXGet Rating) had its target price lowered by analysts at Barclays from $7.00 to $4.00 in a report released on Friday, The Fly reports. Barclays‘s price target suggests a potential upside of 161.44% from the company’s current price.

A number of other equities research analysts have also recently issued reports on the company. The Goldman Sachs Group reduced their price objective on Amneal Pharmaceuticals from $3.50 to $3.00 and set a “buy” rating for the company in a report on Friday, March 3rd. BMO Capital Markets dropped their price target on shares of Amneal Pharmaceuticals from $5.00 to $4.00 and set a “market perform” rating for the company in a research report on Friday, March 3rd.

Amneal Pharmaceuticals Trading Down 8.4 %

Amneal Pharmaceuticals stock opened at $1.53 on Friday. Amneal Pharmaceuticals has a 52 week low of $1.52 and a 52 week high of $4.60. The company has a debt-to-equity ratio of 14.30, a quick ratio of 1.17 and a current ratio of 1.88. The stock has a market capitalization of $464.54 million, a P/E ratio of -1.78, a PEG ratio of 0.13 and a beta of 1.37. The stock has a 50-day simple moving average of $2.19 and a 200 day simple moving average of $2.20.

Amneal Pharmaceuticals (NYSE:AMRXGet Rating) last posted its quarterly earnings results on Thursday, March 2nd. The company reported $0.21 EPS for the quarter, topping analysts’ consensus estimates of $0.19 by $0.02. Amneal Pharmaceuticals had a positive return on equity of 76.11% and a negative net margin of 5.88%. The business had revenue of $609.80 million during the quarter, compared to analysts’ expectations of $579.93 million. During the same quarter last year, the company posted $0.16 earnings per share. Amneal Pharmaceuticals’s quarterly revenue was up 13.6% on a year-over-year basis. Analysts expect that Amneal Pharmaceuticals will post 0.5 earnings per share for the current year.

Insider Buying and Selling at Amneal Pharmaceuticals

In other Amneal Pharmaceuticals news, major shareholder Tpg Gp A, Llc sold 3,884,600 shares of the business’s stock in a transaction on Monday, December 12th. The shares were sold at an average price of $2.34, for a total transaction of $9,089,964.00. Following the sale, the insider now owns 12,328,767 shares of the company’s stock, valued at $28,849,314.78. The transaction was disclosed in a legal filing with the SEC, which is accessible through this link. Company insiders own 26.78% of the company’s stock.

Institutional Trading of Amneal Pharmaceuticals

A number of hedge funds and other institutional investors have recently modified their holdings of the stock. O Shaughnessy Asset Management LLC bought a new stake in shares of Amneal Pharmaceuticals in the second quarter worth $37,000. Bank of Montreal Can bought a new stake in Amneal Pharmaceuticals during the fourth quarter valued at $31,000. Mirabella Financial Services LLP bought a new stake in Amneal Pharmaceuticals during the first quarter valued at $63,000. American Century Companies Inc. bought a new stake in Amneal Pharmaceuticals during the fourth quarter valued at $30,000. Finally, Price T Rowe Associates Inc. MD bought a new stake in Amneal Pharmaceuticals during the third quarter valued at $35,000. Institutional investors own 32.79% of the company’s stock.

About Amneal Pharmaceuticals

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Amneal Pharmaceuticals, Inc is a pharmaceutical company, which engages in the development, manufacture, market and distribution of generic pharmaceutical products. It operates through the Generic, Specialty and AvKARE Segments. The Generics segment develops, manufactures and commercializes complex oral solids, injectables, ophthalmics, liquids, topicals, softgels, inhalation products and transdermals.

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