HC Wainwright Weighs in on Kopin Co.’s FY2023 Earnings (NASDAQ:KOPN)

Kopin Co. (NASDAQ:KOPNGet Rating) – Equities researchers at HC Wainwright raised their FY2023 EPS estimates for shares of Kopin in a note issued to investors on Wednesday, March 15th. HC Wainwright analyst K. Dede now forecasts that the company will earn ($0.15) per share for the year, up from their prior forecast of ($0.24). HC Wainwright currently has a “Buy” rating and a $3.00 target price on the stock. The consensus estimate for Kopin’s current full-year earnings is ($0.17) per share.

Separately, StockNews.com assumed coverage on shares of Kopin in a research report on Thursday. They set a “sell” rating on the stock.

Kopin Price Performance

NASDAQ:KOPN opened at $0.94 on Friday. The firm’s 50-day moving average price is $1.27 and its 200-day moving average price is $1.25. The company has a market capitalization of $88.88 million, a PE ratio of -4.70 and a beta of 2.48. Kopin has a 1-year low of $0.94 and a 1-year high of $2.88.

Kopin (NASDAQ:KOPNGet Rating) last released its earnings results on Tuesday, March 14th. The company reported ($0.07) earnings per share for the quarter, hitting analysts’ consensus estimates of ($0.07). The firm had revenue of $12.18 million for the quarter, compared to the consensus estimate of $11.00 million. Kopin had a negative net margin of 36.04% and a negative return on equity of 55.12%. During the same period in the prior year, the firm earned ($0.04) EPS.

Institutional Trading of Kopin

Institutional investors have recently bought and sold shares of the company. BNP Paribas Arbitrage SA grew its position in Kopin by 74.4% during the 1st quarter. BNP Paribas Arbitrage SA now owns 28,965 shares of the company’s stock valued at $73,000 after purchasing an additional 12,360 shares during the last quarter. UBS Group AG lifted its stake in Kopin by 167.9% during the 2nd quarter. UBS Group AG now owns 34,620 shares of the company’s stock valued at $39,000 after acquiring an additional 21,695 shares during the period. Brinker Capital Investments LLC bought a new position in Kopin during the 1st quarter valued at about $38,000. XTX Topco Ltd bought a new position in Kopin during the 1st quarter valued at about $30,000. Finally, Archon Capital Management LLC bought a new position in Kopin during the 4th quarter valued at about $445,000. 18.01% of the stock is owned by hedge funds and other institutional investors.

About Kopin

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Kopin Corp. engages in the development, manufacture and sale of wearable technologies which include components and systems. Its portfolio includes AMLCD, LCOS displays, OLED displays, ASIC, backlights, and optical lenses. The firm uses semiconductor material technology to design, manufacture and market its component products for use in military, enterprise and consumer electronic applications, training and simulation equipment and 3D metrology equipment.

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