Drägerwerk AG & Co. KGaA (ETR:DRW3) Shares Down 0.4%

Drägerwerk AG & Co. KGaA (ETR:DRW3Get Free Report) shares traded down 0.4% on Friday . The company traded as low as €49.60 ($53.91) and last traded at €49.90 ($54.24). 2,176 shares traded hands during mid-day trading, a decline of 94% from the average session volume of 33,804 shares. The stock had previously closed at €50.10 ($54.46).

Drägerwerk AG & Co. KGaA Stock Down 1.1 %

The company has a market cap of $424.41 million, a price-to-earnings ratio of 9.26, a P/E/G ratio of 1.24 and a beta of -0.17. The company has a current ratio of 1.91, a quick ratio of 0.81 and a debt-to-equity ratio of 19.93. The business has a fifty day moving average price of €50.34 and a two-hundred day moving average price of €49.93.

Drägerwerk AG & Co. KGaA Company Profile

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Drägerwerk AG & Co KGaA operates as a medical and safety technology company worldwide. It develops, produces, and markets system solutions, equipment, and services for acute point of care, including emergency medicine, perioperative care, intensive care, and perinatal medicine. The company also develops, produces, and markets products, system solutions, and services for personal protection, gas detection technology, and integrated hazard management to customers in industry and mining sectors, as well as public sectors, such as fire departments, police, and disaster protection.

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