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DARPA Picks Teams to Develop Lightweight, Enhanced Night Vision Goggles

January 13, 2022 @ 05:13 AM

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has selected 10 industry and university research teams for the Enhanced Night Vision in Eyeglass Form (ENVision) program. Current night vision (NV) systems are...

Hungary’s Gripen Fleet to Get MS20 Block 2 Capability Upgrades

January 13, 2022 @ 05:07 AM

Saab will be delivering MS20 Block 2 capability upgrades to Hungarys Gripen fighter aircraft which includes upgrading their radars, enhancing Link 16 functionality and enabling them to carry more weapons. On...

Modernized Russian Tu-160M Strategic Bomber Performs First Flight

January 12, 2022 @ 03:12 PM

Russia's Tu-160M strategic bomber, the heavily modernized version of the Soviet era Tu-160 long range bomber, today undertook its first flight marking the potential of the aircraft to carry latest...

Chinese-Russian Heavy Lift Helicopter Looks to Sikorsky CH-53E for Inspiration

January 12, 2022 @ 01:11 PM

The Chinese -Russian 38-ton Advanced Heavy Lift (AHL) helicopter project could draw inspiration from the American CH-53E Super Stallion. The proposed helicopter designated as AC332 AHL will likely feature a main rotor and a tail rotor...

UAC Develops VR Simulator to Train Su-57, Su-35 Aircraft Technicians

January 12, 2022 @ 08:29 AM

Russias United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) is creating a Virtual Reality (VR) simulator for training technical personnel involved in the servicing the Su-57 and Su-35 aircraft systems. System tests are scheduled to be completed in 2022, A...

Leonardo Bags First International Contract for New Mirach 100/5 V2 Target Drones

January 12, 2022 @ 07:28 AM

Leonardo said it won the first export contract for the delivery of ten Mirach 100/5 V2 drones featuring new engines and advanced new avionics. The Mirach 100/5 V2 will accurately simulate hostile aircraft and incoming missiles...

Collins Aerospace to Deliver Power Generation Systems for B-52 Bombers

January 12, 2022 @ 07:20 AM

Boeing has selected Collins Aerospace, a Raytheon Technologies company, to upgrade the aircraft with a new electric power generation system (EPGS) as part of the U.S

France, Spain Conduct Reaper Drone Flight through Civilian Airspace

January 12, 2022 @ 07:19 AM

France and Spain has successfully controlled an MQ-9 Reaper drone from the 02/33 "Savoie" drone squadron in the same airspace as commercial aircraft in December of 2021. Since January 2017, the French civil and military authorities...

S.Korea Develops Counter-SAM System for Aircraft

January 12, 2022 @ 07:09 AM

South Koreas Agency for Defense Development (ADD) tested a counter missile system for military aircraft to help dodge enemies' portable surface-to-air missiles. The directional infrared countermeasures (DIRCM) system enables aircraft to dodge missiles by emitting a...

South Korean F-5E Crashes, Pilot Killed

January 12, 2022 @ 07:03 AM

A South Korean Air Force pilot died on Tuesday after the F-5E jet he was flying in crashed. According to an official statement, an engine fire warning light turned on for the plane's left and right...