Defenseworld.net Editorial Programme 2020

January - February

  • DefExpo 2020

    India’s 114 jet procurement.

    Indian land systems procurement.

    Rifles for the Indian Army.

    Singapore Airshow

    Will Singapore buy F-35 jets?

    Anti-drone systems of Singapore. 

March - April

  • DIMDEX 2020 Qatar

    In June 2019, Emir of Qatar expressed interest in JF-17. In December, the jet flew during Qatar National Day. Is Qatar planning to buy them?

    Buttressing Qatar’s air defense system. Will Doha order advanced air defence missiles?

    Turkey-Qatar Cooperation on electronic warfare systems.

    Will Qatar buy 490 VBCI vehicles from France?

    DSA Malaysia

    Will Malaysia take up Russia’s trade-in offer for fighters?

    Update on Malaysia’s Light Combat Aircraft project. 

May - June

  • Eurosatory Paris 2020

    A look at the latest advancements in defence technology.

    Eurodrone, FCAS, Tempest, European Main Battle Tank (Main Ground Combat System) programs. 

July - August

  • Farnborough International Airshow

    Global fighter jet procurement.

    Counter-drone advancements.

    Laser weapons airborne platforms. 

September - October

  • Africa Aerospace and Defense (AAD) Expo 2020

    South African Defense industry focus.

    Latest products and export prospects from South Africa.

    ADAS 2020 (Philippines)

    Philippines defense procurement status.

    Recent conflicts in the Philippines and the need for modernization.

    BrahMos deal with India.

    LAND FORCES 2020- Australia

    Who will win Australia’s LAND 400 Project?

November - December

  • EDEX 2020- Egypt

    Will Egypt buy Ka-52 for French Mistral Ships?

    Update on Su-35 deal with Russia. 

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