DefExpo 2020: India’s HAL & Dynamatics Technologies to build Israel Aerospace Drones

February 6, 2020 @ 07:52 AM

Indias Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) and Dynamatics Technologies Limited (DTL), and Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to build IAIs drones for the Indian military, at DefExpo 2020 in Lucknow city. “HAL, IAI and DTL signed an MoU for marketing, manufacturing and selling of IAIs Unmanned Ariel...

Morocco Buys Israeli Heron Drones Decommissioned from French Service

February 3, 2020 @ 09:08 AM

Moroccos Ministry of Defence (MoD) has taken delivery of three Heron long endurance UAVs made by Israeli Aerospace Industries (IA) which were decommissioned from service with the French Military. French firm Dassault is said to be mediated the deal between Morocco and IAI as the North African Muslim-majority state does not...

Russian Electronic Warfare System Brings Down Hostile Drones in Syria

February 3, 2020 @ 07:03 AM

Russian electronic warfare (EW) system de-activated the control system of hostile drones launched by terrorists at its Hmeymim air base in Syria yesterday. This is the first time that the Russian command has reported the use of EW system to defeat drones

South Korean Military Sets up Reconnaissance Squadron for Global Hawk Ops

January 31, 2020 @ 11:37 AM

The South Korean Air Force has set up a reconnaissance squadron charged with operating the high altitude-long range surveillance drone, Global Hawk. The new military unit was established in December as South Korea brought in its first RQ-4 Block 30 Global Hawk Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) that month, the defence ministry...

Israeli Firm to Display Cellular EW Drone at Singapore Airshow

January 30, 2020 @ 09:58 AM

Rotary Unmanned Aerial Systems (RUAS)s Steadicopter, expands the Black Eagle 50s uses to include Electronoc Warfare missions. The company is to present its lightweight unmanned robotic helicopter, Black Eagle 50 for the first time at the Singapore Airshow

IndoIsraeli JV to Manufacture Loitering Munition

January 29, 2020 @ 11:10 AM

Israeli UVision Air announced a joint venture with Indian Aditya Precitech to manufacture loitering munitions under the brand PALM (Precision Attack Loitering Munition) Hero Systems. The JV, called AVision will explore various opportunities in India for Loitering Munitions Systems including the design, manufacture, sales, maintenance, support, upgrading, and lifecycle management

Northrop’s MQ-4C Triton UAV to Provide Ship-level Surveillance to US Navy...

January 28, 2020 @ 07:16 AM

Northrop Grummans MQ-4C Triton surveillance UAV will allow the United States Navy to detect, track, classify and identify vessels on the ocean or in the littorals in some of the worlds busiest shipping lanes. The MQ-4C Triton is considered the most advanced surveillance platform with the US Navy which can track even small ships and relay their information to the US Navy for further action

Israeli Tactical Robotics, Boeing tie-up to Develop Ducted Fan Technology Aircraft

January 23, 2020 @ 07:12 AM

Israel-based Tactical Robotics and Boeing have signed an agreement to further development of a ducted fan propulsion technology to be used in piloted and autonomous light aircraft. The two companies will set up a joint working group to explore opportunities may exist in developing, producing and marketing Fancraft based vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) products including Tactical Robotics own Cormorant autonomous vehicle

Russian Firm Developing Submillimeter Radars to Detect Small Drones

January 23, 2020 @ 06:50 AM

Russia's RTI firm is developing new submillimeter radars that operate in terahertz frequency range capable of detecting tiny drones. "The terahertz technology [featuring radio wave length below one millimeter] will be converted into a product within five years

GA-ASI Demos Multi-Domain Operations Using Gray Eagle ER Drone

January 22, 2020 @ 09:17 AM

General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc. (GA-ASI) has begun Multi-Domain Operations (MDO) demonstrations using a Gray Eagle Extended Range (GE-ER) Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS)

US Military’s Gremlin “Swarm” Drone Completes Maiden Flight

January 20, 2020 @ 08:03 AM

Americas Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has announced the completion of Gremlins program X-61A military drones first flight test. The test was conducted in late November at the US Armys Dugway Proving Ground in Utah

Falco Xplorer, Leonardo’s Competitor to US Grey Eagle Drone makes First Flight...

January 19, 2020 @ 05:21 PM

Leonardos new Falco Xplorer multi-senor strategic surveillance drone, considered a competitor to the General Atomics Grey Eagle drone, undertook its maiden flight in Italy. Not subject to International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) restrictions and meeting the criteria for a Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR) class II, Falco Xplorer is readily exportable around the world, a Leonardo release said