GA-ASI Gray Eagle UAS Surpasses 1 Million Flight Hours

March 25, 2021 @ 07:21 AM

General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc. (GA-ASI) announced today that the family of Gray Eagle Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) surpassed 1 million flight hours on March 16, 2021 during U

Textron to Upgrade Shadow Unmanned Aircraft for U.S. Army

March 19, 2021 @ 12:20 PM

Textron Systems announced today it received a contract for up to $607 million from the U.S

Saudi Arabia Desires Turkish Armed Drones: Erdogan

March 17, 2021 @ 05:48 PM

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that Saudi Arabia requested to purchase combat drones. Saudi Arabia is participating in Philia Forum exercise, along with Greece, France, Egypt, U

Northrop Grumman to Support U.S. Navy, Australia’s MQ-4C Triton Drones...

March 16, 2021 @ 04:13 AM

Northrop Grumman has won a contract valued $82 million to support MQ-4C Triton drones operated by the U.S

AeroVironment Secures Puma 3 tactical UAV Contract from European Nation

March 12, 2021 @ 09:10 AM

AeroVironment announced today it won a $6 million contract to provide Puma 3 AE tactical UAVs to a European allied nation. Delivery is anticipated by April 2021

U.S. Army Uses Laptop installed with GA-ASI Software to Control Gray Eagle...

March 11, 2021 @ 07:55 AM

General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc. (GA ASI) and the U

Russia Patents a Rocket-propelled “Net” to Ensnare Drones in Flight

March 10, 2021 @ 11:10 AM

A rocket-propelled net that can ensnare drones while in flight and bring them to earth has been patented by a Russian Institute. Unlike other anti-drone devices that can shoot down hostile drones or disable their electronics, this new device equipped with special guidance unit to locate UAVs uses a net deployed at high speed around the drone while in flight

AeroVironment’s Arcturus to Provide VTOL Drones to U.S. Special Ops Command...

March 10, 2021 @ 06:01 AM

Arcturus UAV, wholly-owned by AeroVironment, today won a contract approximately $7 million from the U.S

Turkey’s Bayraktar TB2 Strikes Target at Longest Range Yet

March 9, 2021 @ 05:20 AM

Turkeys Bayraktar TB2 drone hit a target at the longest range to date with smart ammunition in a naval drill held in the Eastern Mediterranean last week. The drone included in Turkeys Naval Forces Command (DzKK) inventory fired MAM-L laser-guided mini smart ammunition during a Blue Homeland 2021 tactical exercise

Australia Agrees to Co-Develop 3 More Loyal Wingman Uncrewed Aircraft

March 2, 2021 @ 04:06 PM

The Australian government has agreed to co-develop a further three Loyal Wingman aircraft with Boeing to advance the air-teaming vehicle, payloads and associated support and training capabilities. The 38-foot (11

Asian Country Orders Hermes 900 UAVs for $300M

March 2, 2021 @ 08:14 AM

Elbit Systems announced today it was awarded an approximately $300 million contract by a country in Asia to supply Hermes 900 Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS). The contract will be performed over a period of five years