Differences with Germany Force Turkey to Seek South Korean Engine, Transmission for...

November 20, 2020 @ 12:15 PM

Turkey has sought engine and transmission from two South Korean companies for its Altay Main Battle Tank (MBT) after its plans to import these systems from Germany suffered a setback due to political differences with Berlin. In addition, armor for the tank which were supposed to be procured from a French...

Rheinmetall to Supply German Bundeswehr with 342 Roll-Off Tipper Vehicles

November 20, 2020 @ 08:45 AM

Rheinmetall has begun serial delivery of 342 roll-off tipper vehicles to BwFuhrparkService GmbH (BwFPS), the state-owned enterprise in charge of the Bundeswehrs fleet of non-tactical vehicles. The first 69 logistic vehicles were transferred, to be followed by up to eight more trucks per week

Russian Army Receives 18000 'Ratnik' Combat Outfits

November 20, 2020 @ 05:40 AM

The Russian Army are all-protected by Ratnik infantry gear, thousands of which they received recently, a month ahead of schedule. Manufacturer Central Research Institute for Precision Machine-Building (TsNIITochMash) announced Thursday that they handed over nearly 18,000 Ratnik combat outfits to the military

BAE Systems to Perform Life-Extension of Swiss CV90 Combat Vehicles

November 19, 2020 @ 06:15 AM

BAE Systems Hägglunds has received a contract from the Swiss Federal Office for Defense Procurement (armasuisse) for the life-extension of the Swiss Armys CV9030, known as the “Schützenpanzer 2000.” The life-extension program of the CV9030 will keep the 186 vehicle fleet in service until 2040 and improves the platforms ability in...

Tornado-S Rocket Launchers to Replace Smerch systems in Russian Army by 2027

November 18, 2020 @ 03:32 PM

Russia's Tornado-S multiple launch rocket system (MLRS) will replace the Cold War-era Smerch and Uragan systems within the next seven years. "The planned rearmament of rocket artillery units with advanced Tornado multiple launch rocket systems continues

Nigeria Inducts Locally Built Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicles

November 18, 2020 @ 05:58 AM

The Nigerian Army has inducted eight EZUGWU Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicles built locally by Command Engineering Depot (CED). The equipment were inducted into Operations Lafiya Dole and Sahel Sanity

South African Military Receives 40mm Medium-Velocity Ammunition

November 13, 2020 @ 02:26 PM

Rheinmetall is supplying the South African military with new 40mm medium-velocity ammunition. In October 2020 Rheinmetall Denel Munition officially completed Project Kamogelo on behalf of the South African Department of Defence, Armscor and the South African Army

India’s QRSAM Missile System Hits Target

November 13, 2020 @ 02:15 PM

Indias Quick Reaction Surface to Air Missile (QRSAM) System today hit a Banshee Pilotless target aircraft at medium range & medium altitude. The missile launch took place from ITR Chandipur on 13th Nov 2020 at 1550 hrs off the Odisha Coast

Russia’s TOS-2 Tosochka Heavy Flamethrower Undergo Trials

November 13, 2020 @ 07:25 AM

Russias latest TOS-2 ‘Tosochka heavy flamethrowers are currently undergoing trials with national troops. "Heavy flamethrower TOS-2 is one of the newest weapons with the RCBD [Radiological, Chemical and Biological Defense] troops

Exoskeletons for Chinese Soldiers in High Altitude Regions

November 11, 2020 @ 05:14 AM

Chinese military stationed at high altitude regions may soon begin using exoskeletons built to conserve their energy while performing tasks such as patrol, transportation, and logistics support. The Human Function Enhancement Technology Research center, under the state-owned China Aerospace Science and Industry Corp (CASIC), has already delivered a number of these agile, non-powered exoskeletons to the military,

Rheinmetall Mission Master UGV to Join 2Yr Dutch Army Trials

November 11, 2020 @ 04:36 AM

Rheinmetalls Mission Master robotic vehicle will join a two-year Concept Development & Experimentation programme of the Dutch Army. The Robotics and Autonomous Systems (RAS) Unit of the 13th Light Brigade is running a multi-year Concept Development & Experimentation (CD&E) programme to pave the way for an operational unit