Serbia, Poland Likely to Buy Spike LR2 Missiles from Israel

September 8, 2021 @ 01:09 PM

Israels Rafael Advanced Defense Systems is likely to bag contracts from Serbia and Poland for Spike LR2 fifth generation missiles. "We are acting in Serbia together with state-owned defense products manufacturer Jugoimport-SDPR and we are working on the promotion of Spike LR2 rockets," Al Zaher, regional director for Rafael, told Serbian...

Saab to Deliver Combat Training Solutions to Polish Army

September 7, 2021 @ 02:41 PM

Saab has signed a 1 billion SEK ($116.5 million) contract for the delivery of several live training systems and services to the Polish Armed Forces

Sweden, Finland Sign Agreement for Joint Procurement of Firearms

September 6, 2021 @ 10:07 AM

Sweden and Finland have signed an agreement on the joint procurement of firearms and related technology. "Through this agreement, we create the conditions for carrying out joint procurements of a family of firearms and accessories to be used by both countries," said Brigadier General Mikael Frisell

Chinese Military Inducts New Tank Repair Vehicle based on Type 15 Light

September 6, 2021 @ 05:30 AM

In recent exercises conducted by the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) Tibet Military Region, a new tank repair vehicle based on the Type 15 light tank was spotted, confirming its induction into active service. Compared with its predecessor, the new repair vehicle is lighter and faster in plateau regions and can...

Finland’s Patria to Deliver 200 6 ×6 Armored Vehicles to Latvia

September 2, 2021 @ 04:22 PM

Finnish firm Patria won an order to deliver 200 6×6 armoured vehicles to Latvia. The contract also covers provision of support and training systems

Rostec Reveals Mine Clearing Robot at Army 2021

August 27, 2021 @ 11:19 AM

Ruselectronics Holding, a Rostec company, unveiled remote mine-clearing machine Foliage at the Army-2021 forum. Developed by the Kaskad KPZ, the machine can search for and eliminate explosive devices at a distance of up to 100 m using a system based on electromagnetic and induction means, Rostec said in a release today

Rheinmetall Signs Cooperative Research and Development Agreement with U.S. Army DEVCOM AC...

August 26, 2021 @ 04:53 PM

American Rheinmetall Vehicles has signed a Master Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with U.S

AK-12 Assault Rifle to Replace AK-74 as Russian Military's Basic Weapon

August 25, 2021 @ 06:35 AM

Kalashnikov claims its new AK-12 assault rifle will become the basic weapon for Russian troops in the coming years. "The AK-12 has served as a replacement for the AK-74 since 2018 and will become the basic gun of the Russian Armed Forces in the next few years," press office of Kalashnikov told Russian state media at the Army 2021 Forum

Kalashnikov Unveils 9mm Submachine Gun Prototype at Army 2021

August 23, 2021 @ 05:25 AM

Kalashnikov Group has unveiled a prototype 9 mm submachine gun 'PPK-20' at the Army-2021 International Military-Technical Forum. The new submachine gun was independently designed as a part of “Vityaz-MO” R&D project

Oshkosh Demos Rogue Fires Unmanned Ground Vehicle

August 18, 2021 @ 04:59 PM

Oshkosh demonstrated the ROGUE Fires unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) at the Sink at Sea Live Fire Training Exercises (SINKEX) in Hawaii. The UGV leverages the Joint Light Tactical Vehicles (JLTV) extreme off-road mobility and payload capacity and Oshkoshs advanced autonomous vehicle technologies to support Ground-Based Anti-Ship Missile (GBASM) operations

Saudi Arabia Receives Ukrainian-made Kozak-5 Armored Vehicles

August 14, 2021 @ 05:10 AM

Ukrainian firm Practika has reportedly delivered a batch of Kozak-5 lightweight armored vehicles to Saudi Arabia this year. “Practika has implemented two export contracts this year, including with them (Saudi Arabia),” the companys CEO Oleg Vysotsky, was quoted as saying by Ukrainian media on August 12

Turkish FNSS to Deliver PARS IV 6x6 Special Operations Vehicle to Turkish...

August 13, 2021 @ 05:42 AM

Turkeys FNSS is completing qualification tests of its PARS IV 6x6 Special Operations Vehicle and expects to deliver them to the Turkish Armed Forces Special Operations this year. The newest generation combat vehicle in the 6x6 class will be in service with the Turkish Armed Forces for the first time, a company