Israeli Spy Satellites Beams First Pictures

July 16, 2020 @ 08:48 AM

Israel Ministry of Defense (IMoD) and Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) have reeived first images from Ofek 16 satellite launched on July 6. On July 14, engineering teams of the Space Administration in the Directorate of Defense Research and Development (DDR&D), IMoD and IAI operated the satellites observation camera for the first...

Northrop Grumman Launches Rocket Carrying US Intel Agency Spacecraft

July 16, 2020 @ 07:19 AM

Northrop Grumman on Wednesday launched its Minotaur IV space launch vehicle and placed a National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) spacecraft into orbit at 9:46 a.m

Boeing Awarded $916M to Support NASA with ISS Operations Through 2024

July 16, 2020 @ 06:49 AM

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) awarded Boeing a $916 million contract to support operations of the International Space Station (ISS) through to 2024. The company will provide engineering support services, resources, and personnel for activities aboard the ISS and manage many of the stations systems

Japan Keeps Options Open on Aegis Ashore Deployment: Defense White Paper

July 14, 2020 @ 01:30 PM

The Japanese government while examine the possibility of deploying the Aegis Ashore missile defense system (MDS) based on discussion at the National Security Council (NSC). According to a noting in the 2020 Defense White Paper (DWP) released today, the Aegis Ashore deployment was ‘suspended in June 2020

Russia, China Plan Joint Lunar Base

July 14, 2020 @ 09:58 AM

Russia is planning to set up a lunar base with China, and seems okay with the possibility of the United States joining the project. “This morning, we held a teleconference with my Chinese counterpart

Japan Aegis Ashore Plan Not Scuttled

July 11, 2020 @ 05:42 AM

The Japan government may still depoy Aegis Ashore missile batteries at two sites, even as defense minister Taro Kono recently announced shelving of plans. Tokyo was to put up its Aegis systems in Akitas Araya district and Yamaguchis Mutsumi by 2025

US To Repair Taiwan’s Patriot Missiles Amidst Growing Chinese Threat

July 10, 2020 @ 02:32 AM

The US State Department has approved a possible Foreign Military Sale to the Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office in the United States (TECRO) of Recertification of Patriot Advanced Capability-3 (PAC-3) missiles for an estimated cost of $620 million. TECRO represents the Taipei government in the US

Iran to Strengthen Syria's Air Defenses, Comprehensive Military Agreement Signed

July 9, 2020 @ 11:57 AM

Iran has signed a “comprehensive” agreement with Syria that includes boosting the latters air defense systems. "We will strengthen Syria's air defense systems within the framework of strengthening military cooperation between the two countries," Chairman of the Chiefs of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Major General Mohammad Baqeri said, after signing the agreement with Syrian Defense Minister Ali Abdullah Ayoub in Damascus on July 8

Israel Launches Ofek 16 Reconnaissance Satellite into Space

July 6, 2020 @ 03:09 AM

Israel Ministry of Defense on Monday said it launched the “Ofek 16” reconnaissance satellite into space on July 6. “The Space Administration in the Directorate of Defense Research and Development (DDR&D) of the Israel Ministry of Defense and Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), have successfully launched the ‘Ofek 16 reconnaissance satellite into space, today at 4:00 AM,” the ministry

Blue Origin Rocket Engine Delivered to US’ United Launch Alliance, to End...

July 5, 2020 @ 11:33 AM

US based United Launch Alliance (UAL) has received the first BE-4 test rocket engine, which will eventually replace the Russian RD-180 booster, used by the United States DoD to launch its heavy satellites into orbit. The engine will be integrated into UALs Vulcan Centaur heavy rocket for its first test launch sometime next year

Russian S-500 'Space Defense System' to be deployed this year

July 3, 2020 @ 04:42 AM

The upcoming Russian S-500 ‘Triumfator-Mor Prometheus will be called Space Defense System (SDS) and not air defense system going by its ability to destroy satellites and hypersonic weapons in low orbit space. In the most detailed listing of the features of the secretive S-500 SDS, the commander in chief of the Aerospace Forces of Russia Sergei Surovikin said during an interview with the Russian defense ministry's Krasnaya Zvezda newspaper on Wednesday: "According to its tactical and technical characteristics, the S-500 can be considered the first generation of space defense systems, since it will be able to destroy low-orbit satellites and space...

BAE Systems Supplies Radios for Lockheed Martin Space Missions

July 2, 2020 @ 07:49 AM

BAE Systems announced today it delivered its first shipment of next-generation radiation-hardened software defined radios (SDR) enabled by its RAD5545 computer to Lockheed Martin Space. The radios provide spacecraft with the performance, availability, reliability and on-board signals processing capacity needed to support future space missions — from planetary exploration to communications, national security, surveillance, and weather missions