Northrop Grumman Awarded $3.6 Billion U.S. Battlefield Communications Node Contract

January 22, 2021 @ 04:56 AM

Northrop Grumman Corp. (NGC) has been awarded a $3,600,000,000 contract for Battlefield Airborne Communications Node (BACN) operations, sustainment and support

Belgian, Netherlands Naval Ships to get Thales NS50 4D AESA Radar

January 20, 2021 @ 04:08 PM

Thales has announced that its NS50 4D Active Electronically Scanning Array (AESA) Radar will be installed on Belgian and Dutch naval ships through a contract with Kership - a joint venture between Naval Group and Piriou. The NS50 radar is the worlds first compact multi-mission 4D AESA radar for small vessels...

Slovakia to Order 17 Israeli Radar Systems

January 14, 2021 @ 11:53 AM

The Slovak Government has given its nod to procure 17 radar systems built by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) for its military. The agreement, led by Israel MoD's International Defense Cooperation Directorate (SIBAT), will be signed by both countries and includes the transfer of tech and knowledge as well as industrial cooperation,...

New DARPA Project to Make Eyeglasses-size Night Vision Goggles

January 8, 2021 @ 09:28 AM

DARPA has announced an Enhanced Night Vision in eyeglass form (ENVision) program to create lightweight Night Vision Glasses (NVG)s that offer a wide field of view (FOV) across multiple infrared (IR) spectrum bands without needing separate optics for each IR band. The goal is to enable night vision through fog, dust,...

S.Korea Awards Israel Aerospace $50M Avionic Upgrade Contracts

January 8, 2021 @ 08:26 AM

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI)s Aviation Group has won three avionic upgrade contracts worth approximately $50 million in South Korea. The contracts were awarded to the company last year, IAI announced this week

France Signs LOA to Buy Northrop Grumman’s E-2D Hawkeye Aircraft

January 7, 2021 @ 07:34 AM

The government of France signed a Letter of Offer and Acceptance (LOA) with the U.S

BAE to Provide MIDS-LVT Link 16 to France, Italy, Germany and Spain

December 29, 2020 @ 06:18 AM

BAE Systems today won a contract valued $87 million to provide Multifunctional Information Distribution System Low Volume Terminals (MIDS-LVTs) to the U.S

Ukraine Provides Shipborne Multifunctional Radar System to the U.S.

December 28, 2020 @ 09:31 AM

Ukraine has supplied Mineral-ME shipborne multifunctional radar system to the U.S

U.S. Navy Procures Saab Multi-Mode Radar Systems

December 22, 2020 @ 08:06 AM

The U.S

Saab to Upgrade French Giraffe AMB Radars

December 21, 2020 @ 03:07 PM

Saab has signed a contract with the French Armament General Directorate (DGA) for an upgrade and life extension of the French Air and Space Forces mobile command and control systems, which feature Saabs Giraffe AMB radar and command and control shelter. This contract is part of the French aerospace operations command and control system programme, SCCOA

Israeli Elbit Systems Wins $338M Swiss Deal for E-LynX Soldier Radio Systems

December 19, 2020 @ 08:33 AM

The Swiss Federal Department of Defense, Civil Protection and Sport has awarded Elbit Systems a $338 million contract to provide E-LynX Software Defined Radio (SDR) solution to the Army. The contract was awarded under the Telecommunications Armed Forces (TK A) digitization program, Ersa mob Komm