Ukraine to Provide Radar Systems for US Military

November 9, 2020 @ 05:22 AM

Ukraines Iskra, a subsidiary of state-owned Ukroboronprom, will supply new radar systems to the U.S

Ukraine Develops New Reconnaissance Strike Drone

November 7, 2020 @ 09:44 AM

Ukraines state-owned Luch Design Bureau presented mock-up of a new reconnaissance strike unmanned aerial vehicle Sokil (Falcon)-300, on...

Ukraine Blocks Illegal Transport of $980,000 Worth Aircraft Engine, Mi-8 Spare Parts to Russia

November 5, 2020 @ 08:06 AM

The Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) said it blocked the illegal transport of stolen aircraft components including engines...

Ukraine, Turkey to jointly produce Warships, UAVs: Zelenskiy

October 21, 2020 @ 09:40 AM

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy said Tuesday that the country will be producing corvettes, motors, drones and air defense...

Ukraine Plans to Buy 50 Turkish Bayraktar Drones, Set up Assembly Line

October 9, 2020 @ 11:55 AM

Ukraine wants to purchase about 50 Bayraktar TB2 combat drones and set up a large-scale assembly line for...


Ukraine Builds An-178- its First Transport Plane Without Russian Parts

September 3, 2020 @ 09:33 AM

Ukraines Antonov Company has produced its first transport plane without Russian components, the An-178. “This is the first plane...

Ukraine to Form 3 Teams of Neptune Missile Launchers

September 2, 2020 @ 01:08 PM

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defence announced today that it will set up three naval teams to handle Neptune...

New Radar, On-board Computer Proposed in Elbit’s Upgrade of Ukrainian MiG-29 Jets

August 3, 2020 @ 06:10 AM

Israeli company Elbit Systems has received from its country permission modernize Ukrainian MiG-29 fighters. The need for such a...

Ukraine Air Force Receives Upgraded Soviet-era MiG-29

July 31, 2020 @ 04:42 PM

The Lviv State Aircraft Repair Plant of Ukraine handed over an upgraded MiG-29 fighter to the countrys air...

Ukraine Orders 20 patrol boats from French Ocea Worth €136M

July 25, 2020 @ 08:00 AM

Frances Ocea Shipyard has won a €136 million order for the supply of 20 patrol boats from Ukraine. Fifteen...

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