Chinese Navy Minesweepers Exercise to Break Taiwan Sea Mines Ring

September 22, 2020 @ 06:31 AM

The Chinese Peoples Liberation Army (PLA) Navy held live-fire anti-sea mine exercises involving warships and minesweeping robots to...

China Using Music Warfare Tactic from 206 B.C. to Psych Indian Troops

September 18, 2020 @ 10:28 AM

China is using a military warfare tactic from 206 B.C

PLA's Mystery Jet Defeats 17 Other Fighters in Combat Drills

September 15, 2020 @ 11:47 AM

A mystery jet operated by the Chinese Peoples Liberation Army (PLA), likely the J-20 fighter, triumphed in a...

China to Launch Third Aircraft Carrier in 2020

September 14, 2020 @ 06:19 AM

The Chinese Peoples Liberation Army (PLA) Navy, which is the worlds largest Navy, is all set to get...

India, China Agree on 5-Point Plan to Ease Border Tensions

September 11, 2020 @ 04:15 PM

India and China agreed on a five-point plan to resolve their prolonged border face-off during their meeting in...


Drone Delivery Drill Amid Reports of China-India Disengagement

September 11, 2020 @ 09:29 AM

China has employed drones to deliver “care packages” consisting of food, water and medicines to its frontline troops...

Chinese PLA Tests Drone Swarm-Armored Vehicle Integration

September 10, 2020 @ 12:35 PM

China has tested a new combat system that integrates armored vehicles and drone swarms, a technology that will...

China Airdrops Artillery Pieces, Paratroopers Near Indian Border Using Y-20 Plane

September 8, 2020 @ 09:16 AM

The Chinese military completed their first heavy equipment airdrop from Y-20 heavy transport plane during a real combat...

China Reveals AWACS Plane with Aerial Refueling

September 8, 2020 @ 06:37 AM

Chinese Peoples Liberation Army has unveiled the latest iteration of KJ-500 airborne early warning and control system (AWACS)...

China Commences Exercises to Test Deploying Dual-Aircraft Carrier Combat Group

September 7, 2020 @ 09:28 AM

Chinese two aircraft carriers Shandong and Liaoning, embarked on a training voyages in the Bohai Sea and Yellow...

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