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  Dated: Tuesday, May 1, 2012 @ 12:00 AM

Stephen Hire, General Manager of Aeroflex Asia – India spoke to Stephen Hire, General Manager of Aeroflex India, a pioneer in testing solutions for defense equipment such as avionics systems, airborne military radio and satellite test systems among others.

DW: Please specify the Aeroflex Test Solutions developed for the defense and aviation industry.

Stephen Hire: Aeroflex offers a full range of test solutions covering the needs of defense communications. Its solutions cover both general purpose and specialty test equipment for use in research and development, manufacturing, service and field testing. Aeroflex’s test solutions for defence include radio test sets for testing tactical and airborne military radios, avionics systems, broadband systems for field testing of signal characterization, radar, EW/ECM and satellite and synthetic test systems that allow digital, analog, RF/microwave and power test of circuits, modules, subsystem and complete systems. Aeroflex also offers integrated microwave assemblies and multi-function modules and fast switching broadband synthesizers. Aeroflex’s Avionics test equipment is used in the design, manufacture, test and maintenance of commercial, civil and military airborne electronic systems, or avionics. Aeroflex equipment provides the stimulus and signals necessary for certification, verification, fault finding and diagnosis of airborne systems on the ground. For civil and commercial aviation, Aeroflex has test solutions for various transponder modes, communications frequencies, emergency locator transmitters, weather radars and GPS systems. For military aviation, Aeroflex has test solutions for microwave landing systems, tactical air navigation, enhanced traffic alert and collision avoidance systems, various identification friend or foe, or IFF, transponder/interrogator modes and IFF monopulse antenna simulation. Aeroflex also provides customized avionics test solutions to support manual and automatic test equipment for manufacturing, repair and ground support operations. The company regards itself as the market leader for testing tactical radio and avionics test equipment. Aeroflex test equipment is used by the majority of the world’s leading suppliers of communications and avionics systems.

DW: What kind of products does Aeroflex have to offer to the Indian Armed Forces?

Stephen Hire: Aeroflex military communications testing systems are primarily used by the U.S. military to test complex voice and data frequency hopping radios and accessories. Aeroflex has equipment for field testing radios, vehicles and aircraft, as well as bench equipment to calibrate, troubleshoot and repair radio transceivers and accessories. For example, the Aeroflex 3515AR system can test military aircraft communications over-the-air on the ramp prior to flight to confirm the communications are mission ready. The model 7200 is a bench-top instrument that offers the capability to test analog and digital radios.

DW: What kind of global trends do you see emerging in the defense and aviation sector?

Stephen Hire: Radio communications are moving from legacy FM and AM radio formats to complex modulated systems that provide additional security and features, such as data transmission. Aeroflex products are designed to support older legacy systems as well as newer digital waveforms.

DW: What potential do you see for the equipment testing market in India?

Stephen Hire: The Indian armed forces continue to invest in upgrading equipment and deploying newer and more sophisticated systems for communications, surveillance and defence. The balance between manpower and technology is also shifting with technology and electronic warfare solutions playing a greater role in India’s defence portfolio. These trends require greater R&D, manufacturing and maintenance capabilities. Not surprisingly, as the systems become more sophisticated, the test equipment required at all stages must also become more sophisticated.

DW: Are you positioning yourself as the possible supplier of testing equipment in India?

Stephen Hire: With a very strong track record of supplying to the defence community into both advanced R&D establishments and contractors in India and overseas, Aeroflex is looking forward to continuing to grow our defence-related business in India.

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