Smarter Facial Recognition Introduced By Animetrics

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  •   Dated: Saturday, June 2, 2012 @ 12:00 AM
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Paul Schuepp, President & CEO, Animetrics

ForensicaGPS, a new facial recognition software, can convert images and videos from 2D to 3D making it the only biometric solution of its kind. spoke to Animetric President & CEO Paul Schuepp on the launch of ForensicaGPS.

DW : How does ForensicaGPS work?

Paul Schuepp: ForensicaGPS is a 3D facial forensic analysis application made by Animetrics Inc. that allows for identity resolution from any kind of photographic evidence caputuring the face, including video surveillance footage. ForensicaGPS takes images, improves resolution and creates full 3D facial models for complete visualization of the subject's facial structure, geometry and texture. The application then provides controls that allow metric analysis with face similarity scoring allowing users to cross compare and potentially identify suspects. Up to five images of each subject can be compared to the other subject facial images.

DW : What are the advanced tools that have been used to develop the software?

Paul Schuepp: Animetrics’ ForensicaGPS translates low-resolution 2D facial images from a digital photo or video frame into a 3D image using Animetrics’ patented face recognition technology. ForensicaGPS’s unique facial creation and image quality enhancement tool converts photos and video frames of a person’s face into “ID ready” images including facial pose correction. This makes it easier for victims to identify suspects or for law enforcement to compare the images against mug shots within Animetrics FaceR™ Identity Management Solution (FIMS), correction facilities and criminal databases or third-party facial recognition systems. For more accurate identity matching, ForensicaGPS can analyze and compare up to five images of a suspect. Its special forensic tools allow metric analysis of face similarity scoring, as well as 2D or 3D visualization of facial structure, geometry and texture. The software’s precise comparative analysis includes identifying features such as scars, moles, tattoos and distance measurements between facial features. Animetrics’ FACEngine® technology is the advanced algorithm engine behind all of Animetrics’ facial recognition and face creation systems. This integrated facial recognition technology renders accurate and useful 3D avatars from 2D images and video, even if the facial image is not “straight on.”

DW : What makes it different from any other facial recognition software?

Paul Schuepp: ForensicaGPS is unique because its patented technology is the only biometric solution able to create 3D face avatars from uncontrolled 2D images. No other application can do this automatically, with the same speed and accuracy.

DW : How reliable is the Face Engine Technology in a real-world scenario? Has it ever been tested?

Paul Schuepp: Animetrics has been tested in several real-world scenarios. Animetrics is partnering with leading law enforcement technology solutions providers DataworksPlus and BI2 Technologies to deliver ForensicaGPS to police and sheriff’s departments in the U.S. Internationally, Animetrics is teaming with European law enforcement technology distributors UNIDAS Germany and UMC Forensics GmBH Switzerland. The pinpoint accuracy of Animetrics’ facial identification and forensic analysis application has made it the law enforcement solution of choice for the Zurich Forensic Police Department in Switzerland. ForensicaGPS is also being installed in police departments in the Middle East including Qatar, UAE and Saudi Arabia.

DW : If so, how successful has it been?

Paul Schuepp: The adoption of ForensicaGPS by law enforcement around the globe, as mentioned in the prior question, is representative of its success as it has met the industry need to compare multiple facial images to determine if the images are of the same or different individuals. The application enables professionals to quickly, efficiently and accurately compare, analyze and ultimately verify digital facial images from grainy surveillance photos or videos where a suspect’s face is often shielded or distorted.

DW : Who are you target customers?

Paul Schuepp: Department of Defense, Homeland Security, Military, and Law Enforcement Agencies.