MEREX To Expand Aftermarket Solutions Worldwide

  •   Source: Internal
  •   Dated: Wednesday, May 29, 2013 @ 01:37 PM
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Chris Celtruda

In an interview with MEREX's CEO Chris Celtruda talked about the company's latest acquisitions, support services, and the expansion of MRO facilities around the world.

DW : Please elaborate on your MRO services for legacy military aircraft. How does Merex plan on providing “total support”?

Chris Celtruda : The Merex Group companies provide Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) support for servicing auxiliary power units (APUs), engine driven compressors (EDCs) as well as a variety of other components for hydraulic, pneumatic, fuel and electrical systems.     At present we provide service for a wide range of US manufactured defense platforms including: Fixed Wing and Rotary Wing.   The Merex "Total Support" approach of providing spares/components, repair/overhaul management, and project management of systems upgrades has been instrumental in the company's success in this growing market. 

DW : How will the acquisition of companies like ALCO benefit Merex?

Chris Celtruda : The Merex strategy of acquiring capability is inherent to being able to provide a range of solutions to ensure our customers legacy military platforms achieve expected readiness levels.  By increasing the variety and capacity for MRO activities via the acquisition of ALCO, we can now improve the turn times for key customer assets, build rotable pool capability and extend the bundle of service solutions that we can offer our customers.

DW : Who are your active suppliers around the world?

Chris Celtruda : Today our supply base for OEM aftermarket replacement hardware and external repair / service solutions is largely US based.  We have distribution agreements with key OEMs, including JayEm, Goodrich and other suppliers of key equipment for US defense platforms.

DW : Can you explain to us your product support services?

Chris Celtruda : This encompasses a mix of part distribution, repair and overhaul, rotable equipment, contract and engineering value added manufacturing, strategic spares and inventory management, product enhancement and fleet upgrade program management and value added services.   

DW : Could you name some of the 35 countries, other than the U.S. you provide MRO services to?

Chris Celtruda : Thailand, Argentina, Indonesia, Jordan, South Korea, Mexico, Chile, Pakistan, Taiwan, Colombia, Tunisia to name a few.

DW : Any plans to set up or expand MRO facilities in these countries?

Chris Celtruda : Our ability to offer aftermarket solutions could include a combination of in-country and U.S. based MRO offerings, yes.