• Smarter Facial Recognition Introduced By Animetrics

    ForensicaGPS, a new facial recognition software, can convert images and videos from 2D to 3D making it the only biometric solution of its kind. spoke to Animetric President & CEO Paul Schuepp on the launch of ForensicaGPS.

  • Aeroflex Offers Testing Equipment For Defense Electronics spoke to Stephen Hire, General Manager of Aeroflex India, a pioneer in testing solutions for defense equipment such as avionics systems, airborne military radio and satellite test systems among others.

  • Lockheed Martin Expects Follow-On C130J Orders interviewed Roger Rose, Chief Executive of Lockheed Martin India on the successful execution of the C130J program for the Indian Air Force (IAF) and the company’s pitches for other defence procurement programs in India.

  • BEL Eyes $800 Million MMRCA Contract

    BEL's New Chairman, Anil Kumar spoke exclusively to He spoke extensively on the current projects BEL is involved in.

  • IWI Launches Uzi Sub Machine Gun Successor

    Some 56 years after the introduction of the Uzi Sub Machine gun, the Israeli Weapons Industry has introduced the Uzi Pro. spoke to URI AMIT, CEO of Israeli Weapons Industries on the significance of the launch of the new weapon.

  • From Sukhoi Fighters To Passenger Jets - IRKUT's New Flight Plan For... interviewed Alexei Fedorov, President of IRKUT Corp, manufacturer of the famous Sukhoi fighter planes who talked about his company's plans for the civil aviation industry where a new generaion of passenger airliners are being develo