Elbit Systems To Unveil New SkyVis HMD At HELI-EXPO 2014

  • Our Bureau
  • 12:57 PM, February 17, 2014
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Elbit Systems will showcase SkyVis - new system, combining proven helmet-mounted display (HMD) with commercially certifiable line-of-sight (LOS) technology and daytime head-up display (HUD) capabilities at HELI-EXPO 2014, 24 - 27 February.

SkyVis day or night system offers enhanced situational awareness and enables “Eyes Out” operations, with or without NVG, during all phases of flight, in marginal weather conditions without compromising safety.

At the exhibit, the company will highlight a wide range of technologies and capabilities for the civil aviation sector including Clearvision heli EVS – an Enhanced Flight Vision System (EFVS). Heli EVS enables improved situational awareness and provides the benefit of operational credit.

Employing sophisticated fusion algorithms and a range of spectral bands, the EVS offers a 35 degree FOV and is designed to cope with fog and low visibility conditions.

Also at the display will be Large Area Display (LAD) – a 19”x8.25” unique large area display, dual redundant, touch-screen enabled and featuring a wide dimming range for night vision goggle compatibility at low luminance levels. All products in this line are smart IMA displays that can host software applications from Elbit Systems, customer legacy software or third-party software.

Elbit Systems’ hardware and software solutions enable helicopter operators to use and manage aircraft data to help increase operational efficiency and enhance flight safety. The certified Enhanced Awareness suite for LAD is packaged as a set of software applications hosted on the company’s smart displays. The suite includes digital maps (DMAP), a helicopter terrain awareness and warning system (HTAWS), and an electronic flight bag (EFB). The digital map package complies with RTCA DO257A and includes topographic, vector, raster and sun-angled shading maps, all overlayed with aeronautical data, obstacles, and other advanced features. The HTAWS application complies with RTCA DO309 and AC 29 MG 18, integrated into the multi-functional displays.

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