Ukraine To Sell Tu-95 Bomber On Ebay For $3 Million

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  • 08:59 AM, March 11, 2014
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Ukraine To Sell Tu-95 Bomber On Ebay For $3 Million

Ukraine is planning to sell Tu-95 strategic bomber on eBay, and is listed for sale at $3 million, according to Russian Aviation.

It is said at the item’s page that the aircraft was manufactured in 1987 and it is in good condition due to low overall flying time (only 454 hours). However, it will be unable to perform any flights without a special preparation.

Golos Rossiyi reports with reference to The Aviationist, that there are insignias of both Soviet and Ukrainian air forces on the bomber’s airframe.

The Tu-95MS aircraft will be delivered to the port of Odessa or Nikolaev and then the potential buyer must transport it by himself. At that, it is noted that the bomber will not be sold to “clients” from CIS Region, the Baltics, Africa, Central America, Oceania and some other states, including Israel and Mexico.

A German-Swiss company, which supplies goods from Ukraine, is specified as the seller. The aircraft was listed for sale on March 6th 2014 and one bid has been made so far. The auction will expire in six days.

Tu-95 is the Soviet turboprop strategic bomber; at present this type of aircraft is operated only by Russian air forces. It was developed in 1950s; together with US B-52 it is one of the few aircraft, which have been operated for over 50 years. It is capable of carrying nuclear cruise missiles and has a range of over 10 000 km. Tu-95MS is the latest modification of the vehicle.

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