South African Company Develops Military-Grade Encryption For Mobile Communications

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  • 12:02 PM, March 19, 2014
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South African Company Develops Military-Grade Encryption For Mobile Communications
South African Company Develops Military-Grade Encryption For Mobile Communications

A South African company that builds software security solutions, iSolv Technologies (iSolv), has developed an avant-garde way to help secure sensitive communication from being intercepted.

SecCom offers military-grade encryption for all your mobile communications, including voice calls and text messaging.

This means the chances of having your sensitive information intercepted are greatly reduced because SecCom offers end-to-end encryption, while most commercial encryption systems decrypt your information while passing through intermediate hops. This information is then re-encrypted and sent to the other recipient.

According to iSolv Technologies CEO, Jayesh Nana, "Organisations all over the world have grown accustomed to using VPN technology for securing e-mail communication. But with the increasing use of mobile devices for communicating, iSolv has identified the need for a secure communication product for mobile devices €“ SecCom."

However, SecCom offers end-to-end encryption, which means at no stage in the process of forwarding sensitive information will the information be decrypted.

This gives companies the peace of mind that comes with knowing your sensitive information will only be decrypted once it arrives at its intended recipient.

The added security benefit of using SecCom is that the server hardware infrastructure through which all communication passes is provided to the end-customer, whereas other service providers only offer hosted services whereby foreign governments or spy agencies may have access to intercept communication data, according to an official statement.

Nana added: "iSolv's offering is a one-of-a-kind solution, which utilises public key infrastructure technology through iSolv's award-winning TrustFactory PKI product suite."

PKI enables the management of user identities and their encryption keys on a scale that covers the security needs of communities consisting of a few hundreds of thousands and even millions of users. This is achieved without compromising, in any way, on the level of security offered by PKI. It simply makes sense to implement PKI for large-scale secure communication solutions like SecCom.

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