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08:25 AM, March 25, 2014

Science Applications International Corporation today announced it will be present three capabilities at DIMDEX 2014 this week in Doha, Qatar.

SAIC’s maritime based technologies and solutions will include the Critical Infrastructure Surveillance and Security Solutions. Using commercially available and SAIC-developed technology and hardware, SAIC provides integrated security solutions for ports, airports, critical infrastructure, and military force protection needs.

Mine Warfare and Environmental Decision Aids Library (MEDAL) is an integrated suite of software tools that support mine countermeasures (MCM) pre-operation tactical analysis, mission planning/assessment, operational situational awareness, and force communications/command and control.

It serves traditional manned and new unmanned mission platforms and tactical systems (air, surface, and undersea), and is easily adapted to newly emerging U.S. and allied systems. MEDAL is a single common system addressing the requirements of all levels of command, from force commander/staff to single tactical units.

And the Expeditionary Planning Tool Kit (EPTK) is an integrated suite of software tactical decision aid tools that support automated planning of amphibious and expeditionary operations including pre-operation tactical analysis, mission planning, mission rehearsal, operational situational awareness, and force communications/command and control.

By automating many complex planning functions, EPTK enables the commanders and their staff to increase the speed, precision, and accuracy of their planning activities. It can easily support the spectrum of expeditionary operations from military amphibious missions to disaster relief missions.


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