Israel Navy To Be Trained On Dolphin-Class Submarines

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  • 02:56 PM, April 7, 2014
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The Israel Navy is expecting to put two new advanced Dolphin-class submarines - INS Crocodile and the INS Rahav, into service in 2014. Submariner recruits will now undergo a new training regimen.

The Navy had acquired the German submarines in 2012.

The current course of submarine recruits will be the first to complete the training for the new submarines. The new training includes two new roles for the control panel and sonar.

“These new submarines have new systems, and therefore new capabilities. Among these are greater stealth and the ability to stay longer under water,” said the commander of the school, Maj. Y. These new submarines will use AIP (air-independent propulsion) technology, which enables them to stay underwater longer. These submarines are also stealthier because they produce less noise.

Moreover, the new submarines will be equipped with the most up-to-date naval weapons systems and improved detection capabilities. They are also designed to be easily maneuvered. “These submarines are larger than previous ones. In the event of a clash with strong water currents, the new steering station is designed to allow them to move more easily,” Maj. Y.said.

In addition to the regular submariner course, one long retraining course took place for the veterans. “Each submarine team consists of veterans who qualified in Germany, submariners and other veterans who were retrained, and new soldiers who enlisted when their course was adapted to the new submarines,” said Major Y. 

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