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07:28 AM, April 14, 2014

FAUN Trackway will be showcasing the Heavy Ground Mobility System (HGMS) at the DSA 2014, 14 – 17 April.

First developed over 15 years ago for the Norwegian Army, the HGMS comprises Military Load Classification (MLC) 70 Trackway mounted on a hydraulic dispenser.

Fitted to the chassis of a military vehicle and powered by its engine, the HGMS requires only minimal manpower for the deployment and collection of full lengths of roadway. Designed for speed, 50m of Trackway can be laid by two men in only six minutes.

Trackway is based on a ground-surfacing aluminium matting that can withstand repeated crossings by heavy weight vehicles. This temporary roadway has been deployed around the world to aid military and disaster-relief missions in a wide variety of challenging terrains such as sand, snow, desert and marshland.

More than 35 armed forces from across the world hold the HGMS in inventory. Most recently, the Irish Defence Forces placed a EUR1.6 million order for HGMS components, which was delivered in December 2013.

Chris Kendall, Director at FAUN Trackway, said: “Modern armed forces are required to work in a wide variety of environments. Under challenging conditions, it’s vital that vehicle assets and soldiers can remain mobile and protected. Our portable roadway and runway systems offer expedient and safe access to military partners worldwide.

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