Rosoboronexport To Present Mi-171Sh Helicopter And Various Products At DSA 2014

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  • 07:44 AM, April 14, 2014
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Rosoboronexport To Present Mi-171Sh Helicopter And Various Products At DSA 2014

Rosoboronexport will present its Malaysian partners with current and prospective projects which includes Mi-171Sh military transport helicopter at DSA 2014, 14 to 17 April.

Rosoboronexport specialists believe that the Malaysian side will be very much interested in the Buk-M2E medium-range air defence missile system, Pantsir-S1 close-range air defence gun/missile system, Kornet-E/Kornet-EM and Metis-M1 antitank missile systems, as well as Mirazh, Sobol and Mangust patrol boats.

Plans are made also to discuss issues related to the implementation of the continuing contracts with the Malaysian Armed Forces including, for instance, operation of a servicing centre for the Su-30MKM fighter repairs and maintenance.

"Our military technical cooperation with Malaysia has been developing rather dynamically on the mutually beneficial basis. It is fostered by successful operation of Russian-made equipment supplied earlier and our measures to improve after-sale services," Nikolai Dimidyuk, Rosoboronexport's special project director and head of the delegation said at the exhibition. "Good prospects are open for Russian air systems such as multi-role fighters and military transport helicopters in particular, air defence equipment, close combat weapons as well as littoral control systems and patrol vessels".

Rosoboronexport considers DSA 2014 a good venue for strengthening relations with its customers in the Asia-Pacific region. Meetings are scheduled, in particular, with military officials from Vietnam, Brunei, Indonesia, China, Sri Lanka and other states in the region. It is expected that they will show great interest in the modernized T-90S MBT, Yak-130 combat trainer aircraft, Mi-28NE and Ka-52 attack helicopters, Amur-1650 submarine, coastal missile systems.

Russia signed its first foreign military sales contract with Malaysia in 1993 for the delivery of the MiG-29 multirole fighters which were deeply modernised later. In the 2000s, Malaysia concluded contracts for supplying the Metis-M1 antitank missile systems, small arms, Igla man-portable air defence missile systems and Su-30MKM multi-role fighters. In 2007, the first Malaysian cosmonaut was sent to the International Space Station on board the Soyuz spacecraft under the provisions of the offset programme within the contract for the delivery of the Su-30MKM fighters.

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