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11:45 AM, May 19, 2014
GD, BAE Systems Vie To Win $8 Billion US Army Combat Vehicle Contract

General Dynamics and BAE Systems are going head-to-head to win a $8 billion US Army contract to develop a large combat vehicle.

The winner of the contract will replace a decades-old fleet of 2,900 armored personnel carriers. While General Dynamics is offering the Stryker armored fighting vehicle, competitor BAE Systems makes the Bradley fighting vehicle both companies have until May 28 to submit their bids.

As with many defense contracts, this deal has the potential to be worth much more, upwards of $12 billion, bidders said, if additional vehicles, dubbed armored multipurpose vehicles, are requested after the first order, according to reports.

Meanwhile General Dynamics in February launched a formal protest complained that it doesn’t have enough information, and the competition is stacked against it. The Army has rejected the protest.

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