Our Bureau
02:22 PM, June 3, 2014

The German shipyards, Thyssenkrupp and Lurssen have selected the domestic company, MKU GmbH for its Baden Wurttemberg class frigate project which is being built for the German Navy estimated 650 million Euro.

This is a unique project which features enhanced survivability - ensuring that the ships remain operational in spite of severe damage due to accident or enemy action. 

MKU GmbH provides end to end solutions and complete project management for protection of Land, Air and Naval platforms which provide protection to these platforms against blast waves, splinters and bullets. It is a complete system house for design, development, production, and integration of armouring systems onto platforms. It also provides maintenance and life cycle support for these solutions and uses special patented technologies which have been developed over years of R&D effort. 

MKU GmbH is also participating in the Seaworks 2014 being held at London between June 10-12, 2014, where it will display its capabilities and range of protection solutions for naval vessels. 

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