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09:35 AM, June 19, 2014

A Northrop Grumman executive has called for more robust global partnerships to provide a collective defense against increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks.

Kathy Warden, corporate vice president and president, Northrop Grumman Information Systems, said during the Information Assurance 2014 (IA14), the U.K. government's flagship event for cyber security and information assurance.  

Warden outlined the need for diverse partnerships and for accessing innovation from all quarters. "No one government or company can effect change alone", she said.

Fundamental to preserving our freedoms in cyberspace, added Warden, are government partnerships. Warden went on to explain that the laws and regulations governing cyber information exchange "need to reduce the barriers for companies to share with the government, and among themselves, while also limiting the liability in doing so.Corporations must work with international governments to collectively craft these regulations and policies to facilitate information exchange."

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