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08:38 AM, July 3, 2014
US approves Harpoon Missiles For India’s  Shishumar Class Submarines
Harpoon Block II Anti-Ship Missile

The Pentagon notified the US Congress to sell anti-ship Harpoon missiles to India at an estimated cost of $200 million.

The Harpoon missile system will be employed on the Indian Navy’s Shishumar class submarine and will provide enhanced capabilities in defence of critical sea lines of communication.

The sale includes UGM-84L Harpoon Block II Encapsulated Missiles, 10 UTM-84L Harpoon Encapsulated Training missiles, and two Encapsulated Harpoon certification training vehicles, the Defence Security Cooperation Agency said.

India has already purchased Harpoon missiles for integration on Indian Air Force Jaguar aircraft and Indian Navy P-8I maritime patrol aircraft.

India will have no difficulty absorbing these additional missiles into its armed forces, it said in its notification to the Congress.

Boeing would be manufacturing this Harpoon missile.

“In accordance with the Indian Defence Procurement Policy, a contractor may be expected to conclude offset agreements with the Government of India but no offset agreement is currently known to have been proposed in connection with this potential sale,” it said.


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