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12:24 PM, July 3, 2014

The Iraq Air Force reportedly received over a dozen of Sukhoi Su-25 ground attack aircrafts from Russia to reinforce its forces in their battle against militant offensive.

In a video released on Wednesday by the defense ministry, three Sukhoi’s shown landing are likely from Iran, media reports reported.

The defense ministry said a second group of five Su-25s had arrived on Tuesday, as part of the Russian deal.

The defense ministry statement makes no mention of the origin of the aircrafts, but regional media sources claim that the Wednesday aircrafts were from Iran.

Iraq has purchased more than a dozen Sukhoi jets from Russia in the fight against the Islamist group ISIS.

In a report to Al Arabiya, London-based International Institute for Strategic Studies said that the Iranian Su-25s are given “a narrow range of six-digit serial numbers" and that the two digits painted on the three planes shown in the video correspond to the final digits of Iranian serial numbers.

“Attempts to cover up original operator markings are evident, with proof of key spots being painted. The Iranian roundels on the side of the air intakes and the tail fin are also painted,” the report said.

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