Our Bureau
09:43 AM, July 8, 2014

ARES, A subsidiary of Elbit Systems is signing a supply deal of 5000 optical sights to Brazillian Army’s assault rifles.

The contract includes reflex multi-purpose devices, MVR MARS RS equipped with laser pointers used in conjunction with telescopic sight multi-purpose TRISIGHT X3.

The competition was launched in early 2014 and not yet revealed the number of each device that the Army intends to purchase if the contract will be formalized.

The production of these targeting devices will probably be held in Brazil with the ARES brand, however, these goods originate in the portfolio of the Israeli Elbit Systems ITL specializes in electro-optical systems division.

The accessories are to be integrated with new rifles IA2 IMBEL that are to be commissioned by the Brazillian Army. The army is replacing the old FAL PARA-FAL 5.56mm rifles.

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