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08:56 AM, July 12, 2014

Defense industry source report from the Russian Defense Ministry said Vietnam intends to purchase additional missile battalion 3rd Bastion-P, Baodatviet news website reported.

A Russian representative to the meeting of the Intergovernmental Commission on military-technical cooperation quoted: "In the current conditions and the contract is signed preparation, Vietnam has adequate short-term opportunity to become No. 1 partner of Russia cooperation in the field of technical cooperation - the military in Southeast Asia ".

According to the official, Vietnam and Russia also discussed the possibility of buying more missile battalion coastal defense Bastion-P and multirole fighter Su-30MK2 and a number of air defense missile system.

From the presence of Vietnamese Navy, Bastion-P complexes with anti-ship cruise missiles, supersonic Yakhont has quickly become the "shield of steel" of Vietnam.

Design of Bastion-P allows it to float force to destroy enemy ships in all weather conditions, even in noisy environments enhanced electron.

Yakhont missile weighs about 3 tons, 8.9 m long, 0.7 m trunk diameter, 1.7 m wingspan. Shells are designed with large 4-door navigation in near the tail, the nose is in the air intakes for engine operation.

Yakhont jet engine’s speed allows more than 2 times the speed of sound. With such a large maximum velocity, very difficult opponents are easily destroyed by explosive fragmentation warhead weighing 200-250kg.

Navigation system of the Yakhont missile launchers are inertial navigation programmed. In the approach phase target, lead investor active radar (on missiles) will activate the search; detect targets at a distance of 75km.

Yakhont missile's range depends on flight mode: fly high orbit - low to allow the mixture to reach a range of 300 kilometers; low orbital flight - low gain range of 120km.

According to information from the Russian side, in 2011 Vietnam has received two battalions sea defense system in the Russian Bastion-P.

Armed with basic Bastion-P system includes: 4 self-propelled launcher vehicles carrying K340P (2 rounds each truck Yakhont missiles); vehicles carrying ammunition reserves; radar fire control Monolit-B; vehicle commander and logistics facilities, technical support.

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