Russia Likely to Sell Iskander-E Missiles To China And Belarus

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  • 08:23 AM, July 18, 2014
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Russia is ready to export Iskander-E short range ballistic missile and is likely to sell it to China, during the exhibition of weapons and military equipment held in Minsk, Belarus. Voice of Russia reported today.

Vasily Kashin from the Moscow-based Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies told the Voice of Russia that Russia is currently discussing the sale of S-400 surface to air missile with China and Belarus. Russia is likely to sell Iskander-E together with S-400 to both nations if the deals are successful.

Iskander-E is designed to replace SS-21 Scarab-B Tochka-U tactical missile.

Kashin said that Russia is ready to carry out modifications on Iskander-E if China agrees to purchase the missiles.

As the Soviet Union signed the Treaty for the Elimination of Medium-range Missile with the United States in 1987, Russia cannot make its own version of the Iskander-E cruise missile, however, China is not a signatory.

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